‘service quality in five-star hotels’BUS103 代写

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  • ‘service quality in five-star hotels’BUS103 代写

    Assessment 3 – Literature Review (1,000 words)
    A literature review is an essential piece of academic writing that discusses and evaluates research literature relevant to a specific topic, including what is known about the topic in literature, how study findings are similar/dissimilar and whether there is a gap in current knowledge.
    The topic of your literature review is ‘service quality in five-star hotels’. It is anticipated that your literature review will be structured using sub-headings related to the topic.
    The following structure is to be used for your Literature Review:
    Assignment cover page
    Introduce the reader by stating the purpose of the Literature Review, and briefly introduce the topic area. Outline the structure and key content of the review (this is called the ‘scope’ of the assignment).
    Body sub-sections related to topic
    Discuss literature based on themes related to the topic of service quality on five-star hotels.
    Re-iterate the purpose of the Literature Review and the key discussions made.
    Listed on a new page in alphabetical order using APA 6th referencing style. Do not use bullets or numbering. A minimum of five academic journal articles must be cited. References are not included in the word count of assignments.
    This online version is a controlled document. Any printed versions are considered uncontrolled versions of the document.
    ‘service quality in five-star hotels’BUS103 代写

    BUS103 Term 2, 2017
    Submission Guidelines
       1.   Typed and formatted following the Assessment Structure Style Guide and uploaded to Turnitin http://www.turnitin.com on time of the due date.

       2.   To be submitted in electronic form as a word-processed file

       3.   Students must refer, in text, to a minimum of five academic journal articles, plus other
    credible industry sources as required, in order to show competency in each assessment.

       4.   The total word count, excluding references, must be within 10% of 1,000 words
    (+ or –)

       5.   All referencing must be in accordance with APA 6th Edition Referencing and Academic
    Writing Guide on SharePoint.

       6.   See marking rubric for each assignment within this document and remember you do not
    need to attach these rubrics to your submissions.
    ‘service quality in five-star hotels’BUS103 代写