ENG417 Sustainability Hydraulic fracturing in the NT 代写

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  • ENG417 Sustainability Hydraulic fracturing in the NT 代写

    ENG 417 Project 1 1
    ENG417 Sustainability
    Project 1
    Hydraulic fracturing in the NT: the debate!
    In a bid for economic growth, the NT Government has commissioned the Hawke Report
    (http://www.hydraulicfracturinginquiry.nt.gov.au/) into the assessment of the environmental
    risks and actual environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing and the effectiveness of
    mitigation measures. With existing reserves of natural gas and oil diminishing, efforts are
    being made to find and exploit other sources of energy. One source being examined is coal
    seam gas. Coal seam gas is essentially methane, which is the main component of natural gas.
    Methane is often found in conjunction with coal and the fact that it is highly explosive is one
    of the dangers traditionally associated with coal mining.
    Considerable reserves of onshore hydrocarbon deposits lie under the NT, pilot projects have
    commenced and there are plans for the larger-scale extraction of this gas; however, several
    negative side effects associated with these operations have become apparent and the current
    NT government have imposed a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing.

    ENG417 Sustainability Hydraulic fracturing in the NT 代写
     Investigate the potential for the use of hydraulic fracturing in the extraction of onshore
    deposits of hydrocarbon resources in the NT.
     Investigate the impact of hydraulic fracturing on existing farming operations, ground
    water quality, and other activities in the area.
     Discuss the first two points, including your views on whether or not the imposition of
    the moratorium of hydraulic fracturing was a good idea.
    The small print
    This is not a task which can be completed simply by looking at the internet. Original thinking
    is required, demonstrating sound reasoning and rational argument (including diagrams and
    calculations as appropriate) to support your conclusions.
    Students’ attention is drawn to the University’s policy on plagiarism. Note also that marks
    will not be awarded for information taken directly from your references, even if it is
    The report must be set out as a formal technical report and it will be marked as such. As an
    indication, the length requirement for this report is 3,000 words. However, marks will be
    awarded for quality, not quantity.
    This report is worth 20% of the marks for this unit.
    Reports are due by 1630 (ACST) on the Thursday of the mid-semester study period.
    ENG 417 Project 1 2
    Marking guidelines
    The marking guidelines for this project are shown below. The comments in brackets are
    suggestions only and students are encouraged to show initiative in addressing each of these
    areas. As stated above, this task cannot be completed simply by looking at the internet, and
    reports consisting only of a summary of other peoples’ thinking will not be considered
    Execution, analysis and conclusions 60%
    (e.g. originality, alternatives considered, practicality of conclusions, depth of thinking)
    Research, other investigations  20%
    (e.g. government authorities, industry data, personal observations, library)
    Writing and presentation  20%
    (e.g. appropriate technical language, spelling, grammar, layout of report)
    The report should be submitted in .pdf file format through Learnline by the due date.
    ENG417 Sustainability Hydraulic fracturing in the NT 代写