Introduction to Psychological Research代写Laboratory Report

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  • Introduction to Psychological Research代写Laboratory Report

    Introduction to Psychological Research
    Semester 2 2017
    Laboratory Report Information Sheet
    Due 10pm Friday 13 th October 2017
    Submit the Laboratory Report electronically to the Introduction to Psychological Research Moodle
    online dropbox in .doc or .rtf format, ensuring you include your student number in the file name. Also
    submit the Appendices as a separate .doc or .rtf document, including your student number and the
    word ‘Appendices’ in the file name.
    Earlier in the semester a study was made available on Moodle. You will analyse the data from this
    study and write it up as a laboratory report for assessment. The laboratory report will be 1500
    words in length, and will be worth 35% of your grade in this unit.
    Over decades many studies have sought to determine the effect of colour on cognitive performance,
    with inconsistent findings (e.g., Elliot, Maier, Moller, Friedman & Meinhardt, 2007; Stone, 2003).
    One recent study by Mehta and Zhu (2012, Study 2) found that performance on a detail-oriented
    task improved when presented on a red background compared to a blue background. The detail-
    oriented task used in that study was how many words participants recalled after a delay of 20
    minutes. The authors suggest that people remembered more words correctly when they were
    originally presented on a red background because that colour encourages people to be more risk-
    averse as they are completing the task (Mehta & Zhu, 2012).
    In the current research we wanted to investigate whether the effect of colour on performance on a
    detailed-oriented task would hold when a much smaller delay time was used. That is, we asked
    participants to memorise a list of 20 randomly generated words, then asked them to recall the
    words after an approximately five minute wait (during which time they completed a series of
    unrelated tasks). Participants were randomly assigned to view the words on either a red or blue
    background on a computer screen. We are looking in particular to see if there is a difference
    between the red and blue conditions in terms of (Analysis 1) the number of words recalled correctly,
    and (Analysis 2) the number of words recalled overall.
    The data from the study is available on the Moodle website as the file ‘Laboratory Report Data,’ in
    the ‘Laboratory Report’ section. Note that this file is a SPSS data file, and can only be opened using
    that program. The data file contains the following variables:
    Name  Label
    IDnum  Participant identification number
    Age  Participant age
    Gender  Participant gender
    Condition  The condition the participant is in
    Number of words recalled in total
    Number of words recalled correctly
    You need to write up this study as a laboratory report, including finding background literature
    relevant to the effect of colour on task performance, developing appropriate hypotheses, analysing
    the data to test those hypotheses, and drawing conclusions about the findings. You need to use APA
    (American Psychological Association) 6 th Edition structure and formatting - marks will be deducted
    for not conforming to this formatting style. One reference (Mehta & Zhu, 2012) is provided as a
    starting reference, and is available on Moodle. You are expected to find and cite at least THREE
    references IN ADDITION to the one already provided. Although in general it is better to use more
    recent references, you will not be penalised for using older references. The word limit for this
    assignment is 1500 words (excluding title, abstract, references and appendices). The laboratory
    report will be marked according to the rubric below. Please do not leave writing or submission until
    the last minute. You are likely to encounter delays uploading essays onto Moodle. You should aim to
    load your laboratory report at least an hour before it is due.
    More detailed information about how to write a laboratory report is available from:
    -  The marking rubric below. Ensure your laboratory report meets each of these guidelines.
    -  A video including slides providing a step-by-step guide as to how to write each section of the
    laboratory report is available on Moodle.
    -  The APA 6 th style guide listed as a recommended reading in your Unit Outline provides a
    guide to how to use APA style and provides an example of typical structure and layout for
    psychology articles.
    -  The recommended text Haslam and McGarty (2014) includes a detailed explanation of how
    to write a report and an example laboratory report (Appendix A).
    Extensions for the laboratory report will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and
    documentary evidence will need to provided. Please refer to the Unit Outline for a description of the
    extension request process and penalties for late submissions.
    Introduction to Psychological Research / G (6611 / 8563)
    •  Appropriately describes study (less than 12 words)   
    •  Summary of study (less than 120 words)
    •  Introduction to topic 
    •  Review of literature 
    •  Justify study
    •  Statement of hypotheses (null and alternative) for both analyses

    Introduction to Psychological Research代写Laboratory Report
    •  Participants fully described  
    •  Design fully described
    •  Materials and procedure fully described
    •  Analysis 1 performed and presented
    •  Analysis 1 figure
    •  Analysis 2 performed and presented
    •  Analysis 2 figure
    • Results summarised and interpreted in light of hypotheses
    • ‘Fit’ with previous findings and implications of results
    • Limitations of study and specific future directions discussed  
    •  Complete list in APA format  
    •  Output of SPSS analyses (as separate .doc or .rtf document)
    •  Appropriate APA formatting throughout
    •  Correct spelling and grammar, appropriate sentence and paragraph construction,
    writing style appropriate, text clear and concise
    TOTAL  /35
    Less any late penalty for those students without an approved extension. No specific marks will be
    deducted for reports over 1500 words, but the marker will stop reading once the report has reached
    10% over the word count and will award marks based only on what has been read to that point.
    Word count does NOT include title, abstract, references section or appendices.
    Introduction to Psychological Research代写Laboratory Report