Hypothetical Event Production Plans 代写

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  • Hypothetical Event Production Plans 代写

    Assessment Task Three
    Construct a Set of Production Plans for the Proposal Using the both the Task One Proposal and the Task Two Resources Appraisal, create a set of Production plans for the event concept you have selected.

    The set of production plans must include: 1. Event Operations Schedule – the event running sheet that details what will be done by who, where and when as the event proceeds from first entry onto the site/venue up to the moment of final departure from the site/venue. Assessment | 9 2. Production schedule / Logistics (resource supply) schedule that shows when and to where each of the resources listed in Assignment 2 will be delivered to, used, and picked up from the site/venue. And by who. 3. Event Staffing breakdown details – descriptions of required tasks, the number of staff needed for each task, work schedules and locations where will staff be needed. 4. An organisational structure – showing who is responsible for the supervision of each task. 5. Venue and/or Sub-contractor rosters – showing the times when services supplied and tasks will be performed by sub-contractors or venue staff. The above plans can be amalgamated into a single document or submitted as separate documents. You can use either timeline, GANTT or matrix charts. Either is acceptable. 6. Event Budget showing estimated expenditure. The budget must provide itemised detail. The format can be charts or timelines. No referencing is required. The word count is an estimate only, write as much or as little as required to provide an easy to follow, comprehensive and clear set of plans. Don’t include excessive material and don’t leave out important detail. 

    Hypothetical Event Production Plans 代写


    生产计划必须包括:1。活动运行时间表——活动运行表,详细说明了从首次进入现场/场馆到最终离开现场/场馆的时间、地点和时间,由谁来完成。评估9 2.生产进度表/物流(资源供应)进度表,显示任务2中列出的每种资源何时何地交付、使用和从现场/场馆提取。以及世界卫生组织。三。活动人员配置明细-所需任务的说明、每个任务所需的人员数量、工作时间表和需要人员的位置。4。组织结构-显示谁负责监督每项任务。5。场馆和/或分包商名册-显示分包商或场馆工作人员提供服务和执行任务的时间。上述计划可合并成一份文件或作为单独文件提交。您可以使用时间线、甘特图或矩阵图。两者都可以接受。6。显示估计支出的活动预算。预算必须提供详细的细目。格式可以是图表或时间线。不需要引用。字数只是一个估计,写尽可能多或少的要求,提供一个易于遵循,全面和明确的一套计划。不要包含过多的材料,也不要遗漏重要的细节。