MKT2BBM Individual Oral Presentation case study 代写

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  • Assessment Task 1 Due Date % SILOs Assessed
    Individual oral presentation of case study supported by 1000 word report. During specified tutorial in weeks 3-11. 25% 2, 6
    Submission Details
    A 1000 word report must be handed in at the start of your presentation.
    Description of Task

    Students are required to present an individual 5-minute case study in one of the tutorials during weeks 3-11 of semester. Students choose any company that is shown in the chapter for the week of their presentation and present their chosen company in the light of the topic for that week.

    Further guidance is provided below under the heading, “Individual oral presentation & 1000 word written case study”. 

    Please also see p.10 below, the Marking Guide for Individual Case Study & Presentation (Assessment Task 1).

    MKT2BBM Individual Oral Presentation case study 代写


    Individual Oral Presentation & 1000 word written case study

    Students are required to introduce a case study in one chosen tutorial during weeks 3-11. Students select a company that is shown in the textbook chapter for the week of their presentation. No other companies may be chosen.
    Students present their chosen company in the light of the topic for that week. Students may start with an introduction to their chosen company/brand, then talk a little bit about the theory described in the relevant chapter, before linking that theory to their brand and making suggestions/recommendations. Here  are examples of how it may work in practice -
    Example 1
    Week 3 - Chapter 4 Choosing Brand Elements to Build Brand Equity. Companies that could be studied include Energizer (p.141), KFC (p.143), Michelin (p.145), etc. In your presentation, you could talk about how your chosen company builds brand equity. Highlight what you see as being well done, and make any recommendations to further strengthen your company’s brand equity.
    Example 2
    Week 5 - Chapter 7 Leveraging Brand Associations to Build Brand Equity.  The brand/company chosen – Singapore airlines (p.274)
    1.            Outline Singapore Airline as a brand
    2.            Describe the main types of secondary associations which can be leveraged to build brand equity
    3.            Outline the types of secondary brand associations used by Singapore Airline to build brand equity
    4.            Suggest any alternative types of secondary brand associations which Singapore Airline may use
    5.            Evaluate your decision
    Example 3                       
    Week 7 - Chapter 9 Measuring Sources of Brand Equity: Capturing Customer Mind-Set. The brand/company chosen Nescafé (p. 329)
    1.            Outline Nescafé as a brand
    2.            Describe some of key effective research techniques to measuring brand awareness, image, responses, and relationships.
    3.            Explain which of those techniques have been used to  measure sources of Nescafé’s brand equity
    4.            Offer your alternative research technique (or techniques)
    5.            Evaluate your decision
     MKT2BBM Individual Oral Presentation case study 代写
    Case study presentations must use journal articles and material from the textbook, videos, company news, media releases, etc.
    A 1000 word report of the case study is to be submitted at the beginning of the session. Please note below the Assessment Task 1 Marking Guide.

    MKT2BBM : Presentation Guide
    The goal of the case study is to enhance your ability to solve brand related problems, using the theory of the chapter you draw your case study from. You are to analyse your chosen company and the brand(s) it uses.
    Your analysis should include these sequential steps:
    1.      Present the facts surrounding the company.
    2.      Identify the key issues.
    3.      Weave the chapter theory into your analysis of the company/brand.
    4.      Listalternative courses of action that could be taken which may help the company/brand.
    5.      Recommend the best course of action.
    Identification of the Key Issues such as:-
    1.      new opportunities
    2.      changing environment
    3.      decline in competitive position
    4.      etc.
    List alternative actions pertaining to the key issue(s)
    1.      Consider courses of action based on their suitability to the firm andsituation.
    2.      Proposed courses of action should take intoaccount such factors as business category, goals, the customer market, the overall strategy, the product assortment, competition, legal restrictions, economic trends, marketplace trends, financial capabilities, personnelcapabilities, sources of supply.
    Recommendation of the Best Course of Action
    1.      This is an analysis not just a brand case summary.
    2.      Assessment is based on how well you identify key issuesor problems, outline and assess alternative courses of action, and reachrealistic conclusions.
    3.      You need to show a good understanding of both theprinciples of brand management and the issues that the company is facing. Be precise aboutwhich alternative is more desirable for the company in its current context.
    4.      Your goal is to apply a logical reasoning process to branding.
    Proof-read your assignment and check:
    1.      Referencing is correct (in-text and reference list)
    2.      Information is logically sequenced
    3.      Grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct
    1. Formatting of headings etc is correct.
    MKT2BBM Individual Oral Presentation case study 代写