Marketing goal Target Market Positioning Statement 代写

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  • Marketing goal Target Market  Positioning Statement  代写

    TP2, 2017
    DUE: Friday 1st Septemberby 11:59pm TURNITIN.
    Word limit = 800 words (+/- 10%)


    Your “Marketing Plan Part B” is a continuation of the assignment that you presented in your “Marketing Plan Part A.”
    In Part B, you are asked to develop your Marketing Tactics. That is your Product, Price, Distribution and Promotional Tactics that are designed to deliver your value position to your target market.
    NB: When you submit Part B, your Cover Page MUST include your
    ·        Marketing goal
    ·        Target Market
    ·        Positioning Statement
    That you submitted it in PART A.  You can also UPDATE/MODIFY this information from the feedback you received from your tutor if it did not receive a tick or favourable comments. 
    Your tutor needs to see that your marketing tactics will work in achieving your marketing goal and deliver your value position to your target market.
    The sections included from Part A are NOT included in your word count.

    4.0  MARKETING TACTICS(approx. 800 words)
    These are the marketing mix elements that you should tailor to suit/match your target customers, your company resources and your competition.
    4.1 PRODUCT
    (1)While the product is already determined, you can suggest in this section only, product development or branding changes. (Ch: 8-10 text).
    You may want to consider strategies such as either ‘product development/modification”, OR ‘brand extension’, OR ‘product extension”.
    (2)Describe the current brand identity and any branding changes. You should consult chapters 8-10 of your text.
     Marketing goal Target Market  Positioning Statement  代写
      4.2 PRICE – Briefly discuss the 5 C’s; decide whether the company uses cost, competitor or value based pricing and JUSTIFY your decision.
     (WHY?) Is this the current pricing policy and is it working?
    Are there any other pricing models that might be more suitable for the original product? Will you offer any incentives?  If so, what incentives and why? (Ch11 text + tutorial discussion will help).
    After conducting your 5C analysis, you must think about a pricing strategy. For example, if your company/product is in a very competitive industry, you might need to consider are they using ‘competitor based pricing’ and how is that working?  However, if you offer a  better product in the market, your company may use ‘value based pricing’.  Is that the best policy? Why or why not? You must research these strategies and when is the best time to use the various pricing strategies.
           4.3 PLACE (DISTRIBUTION) – Distribution captures the channel through which the product is delivered to customers.  Briefly describe the current marketing channels (supply chain) for your chosen product.  Describe its distribution intensity and if that is working?  Is there justification to continue this policy or implement a new method of distribution? JUSTIFY your recommendation.  (Ch. 12 text)
    If you are happy with the current distribution density, you need to describe it and explain WHY the current strategy is the BEST for your product.  For example, if your product is a convenience product, then intensive coverage/distribution the company follows now may be the best. Alternatively, you may believe that distributing online is something the company should attempt/explore. You MUST Justify your decisions.
           4.4 PROMOTION – Using the “Objective and Task” method, describe how you would spend AUD $50,000 to help reach your marketing goal (Part A).
    Describe the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) tool/s you will use, how the money will be spent, and what you expect to achieve.  Promotion decisions should be realistic and must be justified. (suggestions, Ch. 13 text).
    Table 1: …………..Name the table (here) and refer to it in-text.e.g. Table 1 shows………..
    NB: Not necessary to give the exact figures that the particular media charges but your individual figures should reflect the percentage of the total that you would spend on this item to show that you understand one is more costly than another OR you would expend a lot more on a particular media eg.
    TV                $25,000
    Magazine           $15,000
    Newspapers            $10,000    TOTAL $50,000 AUD
    In your writing in this section, JUSTIFY why you spend more onTV and why free samples will be appropriate and which magazines or TV shows or times will be MOST SUITABLE and why. You must be specific as to what magazine, what program time slot on TV etc and why.
    REFERENCES (Not included in word count)
    You are expected to use at least 6 different academic/reliable sources other than the text. You should include a variety of sources using the company website once only.
    Cite and reference ALL your sources of information in APA format.  Help can be found at CITEWRITE (Library website).
    (Not compulsory but 2 pages maximum, and not included in word count). Name the Appendix and the name the diagram and refer to this in-text.
    In your 2 pages of appendices you can include any supporting documentation you think is necessary to help the reader understand your marketing plan.  It could be: a mock-up for a print/online ad you have generated for your chosen product (or a storyboard for a TV/Video ad); a media alert from the product’s introduction or similar.
    You must submit an electronic copy to TURNITIN on BB by the closing time and date.
    Before starting and subsequently submitting your assignment, you should check-off each item in the checklist below:
    Ø  Use the assignment template provided on Blackboard and keep to 1.5 line spacing and a readable font such as Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri.
    Ø  800 word limit (+/- 10%) is for section 4.0 only. Penalties will apply. REVISED Goal, Target Market, Positioning statement and Appendices are not included in this word count.
    Ø  Include your total word count on the front page of your submission for each part.  Use the APA referencing system throughout your document.
    Ø  No table of contents, introduction or conclusion is required.
    Ø  Wikipedia and other similar sources (.com/.org/google) or non-academic sources are NOT to be used or referenced for this assignment.  Do NOT reference the lecture notes.  Use original sources such as books, journal articles or industry reports and academic databases.
    Ø  If you submit your assignment to DRAFT well before the due date, you will get the chance to check the TURNITIN similarity report, make any changes you think are necessary and resubmit by the due date. We will mark your most recent submission.
    Ø  If you have NOT completed your assignment by the due date, and do not have an approved extension, then you should submit the work you have completed by the due date and it will be marked against the criteria as your final. QUT LATE POLICY WILL APPLY.
    Ø  Backup and keep electronic copies of your assignment and all the sources you have used as you may be required to show the particular work you referenced.
     Marketing goal Target Market  Positioning Statement  代写