ALC215 Globalisation and the Media 传媒 assignment 代写

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  • ALC215  Globalisation and the Media 传媒 assignment 代写


    Write a critical essay presenting a well informed, argumentative perspective on one of the weekly topics discussed in the unit (the weekly list of topics is available on the unit guide). You can either engage with the ideas discussed on a given week, or you can create your own research question, as long as it is directly related to global media.
    A detailed guide on how to write critically can be found in this link, which opens on a new window. Use Harvard referencing. When in doubt, discuss your ideas with your tutor/unit chair. 
    2000 word, Harvard referencing.
    . Coherence and consistence in engaging with the topic at hand.
    . Clear articulation of concepts and ideas.
    . Clear writing and proper use of English language and referencing.
    . Engagement with the theories studied in the unit.

    ALC215  Globalisation and the Media 传媒 assignment 代写