SIT374 / SIT764: Project Management 代写

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  • SIT374 / SIT764: Project Management 代写

    SIT374 / SIT764: Project Management
    Assignment 1
    Due: Tasks due weekly (from 2 – 7), online submission via CloudDeakin assign-
    ment box by 11:59pm, Monday.
    Final complete submission due Monday 9 th January, 2017 at 11:59pm.
    Worth: 30% - 8 Tasks, total 30 marks
    Note: SIT764 students will be marked independently of the SIT374 students based on differ-
    ent assessment criteria, and are required to detail your explanations and present your work
    as though you were reporting to management. Separate marking rubrics will be provided.
    Assignment Specification:
    Your job is to take the initial project proposal and undertake the following tasks that
    must be submitted weekly. Each task must be submitted online via the submission
    system on CloudDeakin. A discussion forum is set up on the unit website. Use this
    forum to ask any related questions.
    Total marks for the tasks are 30. Read the chapters of the textbook relating to the
    tasks (see Submission Schedule). Apply the concepts within the textbook to the pro-
    ject and related tasks.
    The assignment tasks build on the previously submitted task, culminating in a COM-
    PLETED Project Proposal. You will be required to update the Project Proposal to re-
    flect the knowledge you will gain over the weeks and to include the new information
    you will be creating for each task. The final product of this assignment will be a com-
    plete Project management plan.
    Notes: The purpose of the project management plan is to communicate in a clear, in-
    formative and professional manner to your client and to your team what the project is,
    what will be needed to complete it, and how you expect to complete it. It will contain
    everything there is to know about the project. The document will be completed in
    pieces, one week at a time by following the tasks below.
    Workshops are designed to assist in doing the tasks. Read the workshop documents
    for more details, and complete the workshop tasks of each week.
    Task 1: Project Charter (2 marks)
    Develop a project charter using template available in the template folder outlining the
    purpose, background, justification, definitions and abbreviations, and objectives.
    © Deakin University  SIT374/764 Ass1  Page 2
    Task 2: Software Development Life Cycle (1 marks)
    Outline the project life cycle methodology you expect the project will need to follow in
    order to succeed. Be sure to justify why you feel the chosen project life cycle method-
    ology best suits this project.
    Task 3: Organisational Chart (1 marks)
    Develop an organisational chart to reflect the organizational structure of the project,
    the departments you need to get involved, informed and work with, and how they fit
    into the project.
    Task 4: Project Stakeholders Register (2 marks)
    Identify project stakeholders you think exist within the organization and associated
    with the project, and document them in the stakeholders’ register (check the tem-
    plates folder). Provide a brief explanation why they are stakeholders and what stake
    they have within the project.
    Task 5: Project Scope Management (WBS) (8 marks)
    Develop the project time management plan to reflect:
    -  Details of the project scope management plan
    -  Business requirements
    -  Articulate which requirements are in scope and which are not
    -  Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of the project.
    The WBS is a draft of the work that will be undertaken and put in an order to reflect
    the methodology you chose. The work order ensures each work task or subtask is
    logically organized with proper predecessor and successor tasks, as well as the re-
    sources and information required for completing the tasks.
    The WBS should reflect the project life cycle methodology that you have chosen, and
    follow its phases accordingly. This also allows you to think about dependencies (eg.
    certain tasks cannot start until a certain other task has already competed).
    The more detailed, thought out and flowing your WBS, the better planned your entire
    Project Proposal will be.
    Task 6: Project Time Management (6 marks)
    Develop the project time management plan to reflect:
    -  Details of the project time management plan
    -  The project Gantt chart from the WBS using a planning software tool of your
    choice (e.g. Microsoft Project). Include the links between tasks' predecessors
    and successors.
    © Deakin University  SIT374/764 Ass1  Page 3
    -  Estimates (with thought and research) of each task will take. Also provide ref-
    erence material and justifications where necessary (not for every single task,
    but for the major groups of tasks).
    -  Add the estimated time durations to the Gantt chart.
    -  Identify the milestones of the project, include them within the Gantt chart, and
    update the milestones section in the project plan to outline the expected deliv-
    ery date, deliverables, and explain why each milestone was selected.
    Task 7: Project Cost Management (5 marks)
    Update the Project management plan to reflect:
    -  The project cost management plan
    -  Estimates of the costs of each task, and develop a report that outlines the ma-
    jor project tasks and estimated cost. This report will be presented to manage-
    ment, so be sure you present the information in a manner that can be easily
    interpreted and potentially experimented with. Include charts or graphs.
    Note: Similar to the time estimations, costs can also be estimated when planned for and re-
    searched correctly. Using information extracted from the department heads, or from your own
    research online, how much a particular task may cost can be justified.
    -  In your report, include explanations on how you arrived at these figures or indi-
    cate assumptions of the estimates. You must provide references to where
    your cost estimates came from.
    -  Determine the cost baseline / budget of the project.
    -  Add the cost estimations to your Gantt chart.
    Task 8: Project Risk Management (5 marks)
    Update the project management plan to reflect:
    -  The project risk management plan
    -  The project risk register document showing key risks, description of each,
    probability, impact, status, risk owner, and potential risk responses.
    Submission Schedule
    Task  Description  Chapter  Marks  Due : End of Monday
    1  Project Charter 4  2  Week 2
    2 Project lifecycle - SDLC 2  1  Week 2
    3 Organisational Chart 2  1  Week 3
    4 Stakeholders Register 13  2  Week 3
    5 Project Scope Management 5  8  Week 4
    6 Project Time Management 6  6  Week 5
    7 Project Cost Management 7  5  Week 6
    8 Project Risk Management 11  5  Week 7
    Total  30 
    Resources which could be used include:
    © Deakin University  SIT374/764 Ass1  Page 4
    • Textbook (very important)
    • Workshop materials on CloudDeakin
    • Lecture notes and useful resources on CloudDeakin
    • Related materials on the Web

    SIT374 / SIT764: Project Management 代写
    Note particularly that reproducing someone else's work is not permitted. It may be
    very valuable though to reference and comment on the differences between various
    works which you find. While you are welcome to collaborate with your fellow class-
    mates, you cannot forward your work onto somebody else, allow somebody else to
    copy from your own work, and most important any work submitted must be entirely
    your own.
    Your attention is drawn to the Plagiarism Statement on CloudDeakin. Anyone using
    cut-and-paste or copying other people’s work will be easily detected; the outcome is
    a disciplinary committee hearing and an automatic zero for the assignment. No ex-
    There is no page number limitation for this assignment. But irrelevant materials
    should not be included. Please note an assignment longer in length DOES NOT
    mean a higher mark you will get. Remember: if the assignment marker can’t find the
    answer, then you will not get the mark for it. Make it easy to understand.
    Appropriate referencing should be done. However, do not provide a reference for
    every separate fact.
    The assignment must be submitted to CloudDeakin before or on the due date. Late
    submission will lead to a mark penalty or not being assessed (for more details,
    please read the Unit Guide on CloudDeakin carefully).
    If you wish to apply for an extension, application should be submitted to the unit chair
    before the due date. Documentary evidence of the disadvantage causing this re-
    quest, and an ongoing assignment representing the work you have completed are
    expected to be submitted. A judgement will be made by the unit chair as to whether
    an extension shall be granted.
    SIT374 / SIT764: Project Management 代写