APG5652 Final term paper assignment 代写

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  • APG5652 Final term paper assignment 代写

    Assessment task title: Final term paper

    Due date: 5pm, 25th October, 2017 (Monday)
    APG5652 Final term paper assignment 代写
    Details of task: The outcome of this assessment task is a ‘final term paper’ in 3500 (+/-10%) words, based on one of the following topics. (You may also think of your own APG 5652 Unit related topic(s) for your paper upon consultation with the unit Coordinator/Lecturer).
    Suggested topics: (Please note that these are ‘broad’ topic areas. You may think of a ‘specific’ title for your paper once you have chosen or decided on a topic.)
    1. ‘Linguistic and cultural context’ and intercultural communication
    2. ‘Naming and addressing’ across cultures
    3. World Englishes and English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) communication
    4. ‘Face and politeness’ issues across cultures
    5. Intercultural communication through ‘mediation’ (Computer-mediated communication and/or Translating and Interpreting)
    6. Developing competence and strategies for intercultural communication
    To complete this ‘final term paper’ successfully, you are expected to
    1. Choose a topic of your own interest among the ‘suggested topics’, and decide on a specific paper title;
    2. Read relevant publications in relation to your chosen topic (i.e. review literature);
    3. Collect relevant ‘language and intercultural communication’ data (e.g. naturally occurring data, interviews, and/or questionnaire surveys and so on);
    4. Analyse your data;
    5. Write up your final term paper.
    The final term paper should contain the following:
    1. Title
    2. Abstract (in approximately 250 words)
    3. Introduction
    4. Literature review
    5. Data description and analysis
    6. Implications for intercultural communication
    7. Conclusions
    8. References
    9. Appendices (Optional)

    Release dates: Week 1

    Word limit: 3500 (+/-10%) words

    Value: 60%

    Presentation requirements: Submit your final term paper assignment with a coversheet (in a WORD file) through the unit website on Moodle. An electronic copy of the coversheet can be located on the Moodle unit website. 

    Estimated return date: Three weeks after the due date.

    Hurdle requirements: Completion of the first 'group project' assignment.

    Individual assessment in group tasks: Individual assessment

    Criteria for marking: Marking rubrics to be found on Moodle.

    Referencing requirements: APA
    To build your skills in citing and referencing, and using different referencing styles, see the online tutorial Academic Integrity: Demystifying Citing and Referencing at http://www.lib.monash.edu/tutorials/citing/

    APG5652 Final term paper assignment 代写